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Dinesh Karthik's wife Nikita and Murali Vijay

Dinesh Karthik with Nikita Karthik
We all know the talent Dinesh Karthik has and if it weren't for Dhoni, He would have been the regular wicket keeper for India in all formats of the game. His records on the field hasn't been great but there is no argument on the fact that he is an exceptional talent. Today he is a regular in the Indian National Cricket team, thanks to his widely appreciated performances in the IPL for Mumbai Indians. 

There has been news on the Internet about Dinesh Karthik's wife Nikita cheating on him with Murali Vijay. Some forums claim that she is now Murali Vijay's wife. Cricinfo in an article about him on June 5, 2013 writes about how an incident before IPL 2012 changed his life. Here are the exact words borrowed from cricinfo

Over the last 15 months, Karthik had experienced a metamorphosis especially in his personal life where he suffered a very big setback which took place just before the 2012 IPL. The incident, which has not been made public to respect his privacy, occurred during the Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2012. It is understood the incident coincided with Tamil Nadu's match against Karnataka in Bangalore. On the eve of the match, Karthik was at the lowest point in his life. The circumstances were such that a normal man would have never found it easy to remain mentally stable. Yet, Karthik decided to play the next day and picked Tamil Nadu out of the woods from 45 for 4 to a strong 270, enough for Tamil Nadu to win the match.

The personal debacle referred to in the article is probably the affair between Nikita and Vijay. We are happy for Karthik since after this incident he has been taking cricket very seriously and is giving his best for India. We are in support of Karthik and we wish that cricket helps him overcome the challenges he has faced in life. DK looks more focused and determined than ever now.

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