Friday, January 20, 2012

Kavya Madhavan's mother-in-law phone conversation - fake or real ?

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan.
For the past few days a video on youtube has been shared rapidly in Facebook, claiming itself to be a conversation between Kavya Madhavan's former mother-in-law and an unidentified person.The audio clip which surfaced on Youtube a few days ago is said to be a recorded phone conversation between Nischal Chandra's mother Mani and and un-identified person, who seems to have recorded this conversation.

The alledged conversation between Kavya Madhavan's mother in law and an unidentified person

The lady in the audio clip speaks about the problems they had faced and allegedly hints at celebrities like Dileep and Suja Karthika to have been involved in the divorce between Nishal Chandra and Kavya Madhavan. She accuses some big names to be involved in this issue.A really controversial clip.

We feel this as a fake and so reports Deccan Chronicle.Deccan Chronicle website reports that Rajashekharan, the younger brother of Nishaal's mother has denied their family's involvement in this case.

You can read the Deccan Chronicle article - Actress Kavya Madhavan Tape is fake.

Disclaimer: We have only shared the video found on Youtube and is not hosted by us. 

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