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'Why this Kolaveri di' - Tamil meaning of the song

'Why this Kolaveri di' ft Dhanush.

Anirudh and Dhanush
It is not often that a song from a regional language becomes a huge rage all over the country and abroad.Yes you guessed right.We are talking about the song that's becoming a hit all over the country with it's funny English accent and style of singing.'Why this Kolaveri di' is a song by Music director Anirudh sung by Dhanush for his upcoming film titled '3'(Moonu) directed by his wife and daughter of Rajnikanth,Aishwarya Dhanush Rajinikanth and stars Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruthi Haasan in the female lead.

The peppy music of the song and some funny lyrics combined with Dhanush's catchy voice sums up the popularity of the song.The Tanglish(Tamil+English) song had some Tamil words in it and we are here to help you understand it's meaning.

Dhanush, Shruti Haasan, Anirudh and Soundarya Dhanush at the studio recording  'Why this Kolaveri di'
The songs starts of with Dhanush Saying 'Soup Song' which means that it is a love failure song.'Why this Kolaveri di' means why do you have this killer rage over me girl.'Di' refers to a girl in tamil.Then comes the phrase 'Mama Notes Eduthuko' which means Buddy take notes, The line is followed by 'Apdiye kaiyila snacks eduthuko' which means also take snacks in your hand.'Mama' in chennai tamil slang means friend or close buddy.'Ppaapan Ppapppan' line doesn't mean anything and is just sung like a tune.'Sariyaa Vasi' means play correctly.

'Super Mama Ready' refers to Super Buddy ready.'Kaila Glassu' means Glass in Hand.'You showed me Bouvu' means that you rejected me.'Soup Boys' refers to boys in love failure or boys who were dumped.

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