Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Royal Salute to Lt Colonel Mohanlal

Southern superstar Mohanlal as an honorary Lt Colonel in the Territorial Army. And for once, it was the celebrated film actor who had stars in his eyes.“It is an amazing moment. My family is with me in one of the best moments of my life,” Mohanlal said.

In reel life Mohanlal tackled the role of an Army man in two recent films. The successful Keerthi Chakra in 2006 saw him don the role of a Major while more recently in Kurukshetra he played a Colonel fighting the Kargil war. The actor will be affiliated to the Kannur Terriers, a Territorial Army unit under the Madras Regiment.To the star, the Army's olive green uniform has been the most powerful symbol of service to the nation.

“They asked me to be the brand ambassador of the Territorial Army. So it a great honour for me,” Mohanlal said.

courtesy: CNN IBN

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