Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aishwarya Abhishek wedding snaps

The post has been updated with four new pictures!,click on pics to enlarge...

Aishwarya Abhishek wedding pictures
Aishwarya Abhishek wedding snaps
Aishwarya Abhishek wedding pictures

Yes they are pics from the big fat bollywood wedding...biggrin
Aishwarya weds Abhishek..exclusive pics!
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Faizal said...

awesome pics dude...:)
they make a great couple together...:D

Anonymous said...

Linked it on

Abhi said...

Best couple ever...Aish looks so
googled my way to here..:D
nice blog

Tara said...

nice pics.. they make agood pair.. chk out GURU songs at

sadhna said...

i love those pics .
best couple ever.
have a happy life together.
love yooh
ash abhi

Bhanu Neelam said...

nice picture collection



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